Ayesha A

Mid-Senior level

Information Technology/IT

Apr 02, 2018

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Terminated while 5 months pregnant

I am now SAHM Since last May 2017. I've work with this company as permanent staff since Oct 2016 for a year project for client.

On April, I've been informed by my reporting manager that client would like to downsize the team due to the project I am doing is completed earlier that the expected that. According to client and company assignment system, this is 1 year project.

So they chose me which is during that time I am pregnant 5 months and the other colleague for termination of this project at client site.

For your information, I am good performer. Rarely take a leave like AL, MC or EL. I've delivered my task. My last day to serve client for this project was 28/4/17. I went to internal interview for other project under same company, I got excellent review via phone but when they met me, they kept quiet without answer.

Then I know it is due to my pregnancy. They don't want to take risk to hire pregnant woman or willing to wait until complete my confinement.

On 22/5/17, I got a call from HR Manager to inform that they have terminate me with 2 months notice with the reason of redundancy and not able to find suitable post/project match my qualification and experience. I am almost 11 years experience in IT. For me this is not fair because I am hired as permanent and EMPLOYER KNEW THAT I AM 5 MONTHS PREGNANT but they terminating me.

So on 24/7/17 I've lodge a report to IR Department (Industrial Relation/ JPP) about this case, because I think this is ridiculous. I feel this is wrongful dismissal. So I have "rundingan damai" with my employer to ask them to rehire me because this is not fair for and it is affecting my emotional and happen during my pregnancy. Which company would like to hire pregnant woman? None.. Unless that company willing to wait until end of my confinement day.

My household expenses 100 depends on me. Today April 2018, it has been almost 10 months I've trying to look for a job. It is quite difficult nowadays to get 1. Keep going and never give up. Every each day I send my CV incase luck will be on my side. Pray for me.