Mar 17, 2018

5 hearts touched

A different experience

I have a rather different experience, and have been very blessed.

I got hired into a new company after I left my previous one at 4 months pregnancy.

New company even extended their maternity benefits when I was still on 6 months probation. I could claim 80% for my pregnancy check ups and the maternity benefits even covered my eventual labour charges up to 90%.

I'm also blessed to have a supportive manager and environment where I don't feel discriminated against and also managed to breastfeed my daughter for 14 months.
Now, my daughter is going to be 2 soon and I'm still happily working in the company and am a grateful and productive employee.

However, reading the stories really made me realize how in reality, there are too many unfortunate incidences and discrimination against women.

Laws will definitely help protect women against discrimination in a big way.
We can also choose to speak up, helping fellow women when we're on top, influencing our male counterparts be it husbands, sons, brothers, cousins to start standing up for women's right to be respected.

However, I think in the end of the day, humans and society need to cultivate more emphaty and connection towards each other by having more time for well being and charity works, instead of being too busy with chasing material gains.

World is getting more stressful with the rat race and people can be ruthless, especially in the city.

Sometimes I really ponder on the irony that civilization has somehow created more uncivilized people.

Lead with heart and love for a better world where humanity, our sons and daughters can flourish.

Starts with us being the best version of ourselves to set good examples, by constant self reflections, mindfulness practice and sincere prayers.

We can all make a difference, no matter how small or big.