Ever faced discrimination in the workplace?
You're not alone.
Below are just some of the accounts from women across the country.

Salah ker?

Hi, Saya seorang wanita yang bekerja dalam industri yang dipelopori oleh golongan lelaki. Tetapi tidak bermakna saya ...


Seniority: Executive

Terminated while 5 months pregnant

I am now SAHM Since last May 2017. I've work with this company as permanent staff since Oct 2016 for a year project for ...

Ayesha A

Seniority: Mid-Senior level

Macam kilang

Hi, nama saya Nia. Cerita yang saya kongsi adalah kisah yang 'terkena' pada sahabat saya sendiri. Dia berkahwin pada usi...




Like the title, mine will come off as a surprise in the end.???? Personally I was not asked this question but my mana...



Afraid of getting out

My friend/colleague "B" just get to know she's pregnant a few months ago, she starting thinks a a lot of it. Something w...

Ken L

Seniority: Freelance / Self-Employed

Resigned due to Inflexible Hours and Gender Roles

I previously worked in a market research agency. My reporting manager had just given birth and due to her husband's abse...

Ex-Market Researcher

Seniority: Executive

Listen - 'mansplaining'

It occurs on my very own experience basis where I find that among my male colleague, they sometimes disregards my opinio...

Noor Amira Taib

Seniority: Associate

Our self-proclaimed male allies

The person I worked with put together an all-male show. When I brought up that this was problematic and we needed to dis...


Seniority: Freelance / Self-Employed

A different experience

I have a rather different experience, and have been very blessed. I got hired into a new company after I left my prev...


Seniority: Associate

Constructive Dismissal

I am a single mother of one going thru a divorce and my HOD and managers are aware of it but they force me to do OT’s ...


Seniority: Mid-Senior level