Invisible Women and the Gender Equality Act

Have you ever put off having kids for fear of losing your job?

Are you a full-time mother struggling to get back into the workforce?

You're not alone.

40% of women surveyed by WAO in 2016 had been asked in job interviews if they were pregnant or had plans to be in the near future.

20% of women in the same survey had their job applications rejected or job offers revoked after disclosing pregnancies.

And yet, only 1 in 8 women surveyed who had lost their jobs or promotions actually lodged formal complaints.

At the moment, there are no laws regulating private sector employers who discriminate against pregnant women, or new mothers.

We're working to change that.

Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) and other NGOs are working with the government to draft a Gender Equality Act. The proposed Act would prohibit gender discrimination in the workplace and in other sectors. Should the Act pass into law, it will be illegal for employers to do things like discriminate against pregnant employees.

The more support the Act gets, the more likely it is to pass through Parliament. So with the Invisible Women campaign, we’re aiming to show how necessary this Act is – by getting women to share their stories of workplace discrimination. If you’ve suffered from discrimination in the past, we hope you’ll consider sharing your story to how widespread discrimination is. And whether you have a story to share or not, we hope you’ll consider signing our petition in support of the Act.

Because when it comes to work, no woman should ever feel invisible.